VTHE chapel OF Sainte-Marie-aux-Anglais

Even before you can go on  one of the tours organized by the CCSMA association, you can get a preview of the interior of the chapel, including its magnificent murals.

Visit with music

In september 2013, new members discovered the chapel, which was presented by the president of the association, Jacques Devos, together with a prefiguration of future concerts. Benefit from the visit  by viewing a short video.


Visit the chapel further through some pictures. To start the slideshow, click on the first photo.

You can see other photos of architectural details and paintings in the "architecture" and "paintings" pages, which are still in french language.
Click on the corresponding tab.

The movie about the chapel

A small voice from Middle Ages

Visit with Pèlerin magazine, which awarded its "Prix de la rédaction 2018" to mural paintings

Visit commented by Jacques Devos, president of the CCSMA association