THE chapel OF Sainte-Marie-aux-Anglais

'TO Conserve THE chapel OF Sainte-Marie-aux-Anglais'

Objectives of the association

To build on the work of Arcisse de Caumont, Prosper Mérimée, Louis Regnier and several other local personalities to conserve this church, some of the residents of Mesnil-Mauger came together  with the principal objective of conserving the magnificent medieval wall paintings. 

They created an association under the Law of 1901 which  in partnership with the municipality, provides the best framework to raise  the necessary funding.

Its founders

The four founding members are :
- Michel Foyer, who has already done much for the chapel,
- Vincent Juhel, an art historian, who  called for the preservation of the Chapel on his website,
- Patrick Truffaut, who brings all of his experience while devoting himself fully to the Church of St. Maclou,
- Jacques Devos, seasonal resident since 1957 in Saint-Crespin, where he was a farmer for ten years.

The committee

At the General Meeting of 17 October 2020, the committee and the bureau were renewed in continuity. The committee is as follows :

Mr. Jacques Devos
Mr. Michel Foyer
Mr. Pascal Fournier
Ms. Chantal Pallard
Other members
Ms. Brigitte Bryant
Ms. Roselyne Fouques
Ms. Mariette Meunier
Mr. Dominique  Hiblot
Mr. Vincent Juhel
Mr. Michel Kohn
Mr. Jean-Louis Le Saux
Mr. Louis Petit
Sir Peter Ricketts

Michel Kohn is in charge of digital medias of the association (Internet site, Facebook page).

Achieved actions and future activities

Restoration of the chapel

Since the chapel has been classified in 1910 as an "historical monument", the Association must comply with the rules of the Department of Cultural Affairs. A strict administrative procedure is to be followed, in name of the city of Mézidon Vallée d'Auge with the help of an expert of  the Regional Office of Cultural Affairs.  The general contractor must be a chief architect of Historic Monuments  ; Mr. Benoit Maffre was chosen.

The "autorisation de travaux sur monument historique" which allows works on historical monuments was notified by the prefect of Calvados in June 2016. A request for proposals was launched in last August ;  5 companies were then selected  to undertake the works. In November 2016, we are waiting for the notification of the financial participation of the french Department of Cultural Affairs. The fist phase of works started in March 2017, after the first site meeting of all partners and chosen enterprises hold in the chapel on February the 15th. Works were finished in May 2018.

The municipality of Mézidon Vallée d'Auge, which owns the chapel, acts as the contracting authority. The Association helps the municipality to fetch information, to establish contacts and to search for fundings.

A study  for the restoration of paintings could then start.

Diagnosis and cost evaluation for restoring mural paintings

A contract was established with the Art Partenaire company which, after a whole study of paintings and of restoration possibilities, has delivered a very detailed report. Mrs Mélodie Bonnat precisely described paintings damages and gave an estimate of the costs of restoration works.

Then, we had to gather needed fundings and to select a prime contractor.

Preparing the restoration of mural paintings

In spring 2021, following a request for proposals prepared by the company Urbiconseil, Mr. Maffre (B. MAP) was chosen as general contractor as he was for the restoration of the chapel.

His first task was to precise the costs in order to search for fundings.  It was decided to make a comprehensive survey of paintings to allow necessary choices, using orthophotography technique.

For knowing the expected work sequence, read the attachment of the newsletter of June 2021.


Visits can be again organized.  You may inform us about you wish of visiting the chapel by mail (

Join the association !

The CCSMA association already has 150 members. We warmly welcome your support.

Annual contributions (from early September to the end of August) have been fixed as follows :
- Active members: 10 €
- Benefactors: 60 €

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